Thursday, July 14, 2016

Packing for a Trip to Grandma's or Summer Camp?

This past week my big kids have spent the week with their grandma and grandpa in West Virginia.  They have been looking forward to the trip.  They have been busy spending time with their cousin and attending vacation Bible school at my father-in-law's church.  I have to say I became a little misty-eyed as I began to prepare for their time away.  Having them both be 8 hours away from home was difficult for this momma who likes control.  Having them away has also allotted me the time to write this quick blog post, too.

I wanted my kiddos to be able to find their clothes for each day easily.  I love using my big Vera Bradley duffel bag for trips, because they are washable.  But, they don't provide very much structure inside.  Everything gets a little mixed up.

I decided to use gallon sized Ziploc bags.  My kids are still small enough that I was able to fit their daily outfits in one bag together.  I put shorts, tshirt, socks, and undergarments for both Kinsley and Zaven in each bag. 

To add a little excitement (and love) to the packing, I placed a quick note to each kiddo in each bag.  I numbered them so they knew which bag to use each day.  I did this because some outfits would be needed for church.  I also wrote a joke on each note. 

I have talked to the kids on the phone each night and they seem to really like the notes.  Sometimes, Kinsley will even remember the joke to tell me.  I thought I would pass along this quick little tip in case your kiddos are traveling without you this summer to grandparents' or to summer camp!

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