Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day 4: The Little Elf Activity {12 Days of Christmas}

Day 4! 

Today's activity is filled with role playing and fine motor skill practice.  We first started by reading The Littlest Elf by Brandi Dougherty. 
(FYI: I know Zaven looks like a deer in the headlights)
The book is about a sweet elf named Oliver who is the smallest elf at the North Pole. The book follows his journey as he tries to find the perfect job in one of Santa's workshops.  He tries the toy shop, bike shop, bakery, and bookmaker shop.  Oliver becomes discouraged when catastrophes happen in each workshop.  He meets Dot the reindeer, and together they decide to make gifts for all the other elves.  This was their special job...encouraging others.  I love that!
I had a "workshop" set up for the kids when they arrived home from school.  It is funny how a simple card table set up in an unexpected room creates excitement.  I placed a roll of wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and toy tools on the table. 
Zaven gathered toys to "fix and make."  Both boys got to work.

Kinsley decided she wanted to actually make something for someone, so she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a note.  She wrapped the note up with our angel from the nativity set (have you checked out Day 3?)
Everything within a 10 foot radius got wrapped!  Now I know I have 2 competent wrappers to help me this year.  Brickston enjoyed getting practice opening "presents."

All three kids were involved in the activity for close to an hour.  I think they would have continued to play, but we had to get Zaven ready for his wrestling tournament. 
For the price of a cheap roll of wrapping paper and tape, you can entertain your children for a long time!

What you need:

  • The book, you can buy it at this affiliate link.
  • Roll of wrapping paper (we bought ours at The Dollar Tree)
  • Roll of tape
  • Scissors
  • Pretend tools
  • Toys

I hope your little elves find their special job!
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