Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 3: Baby Blessings Christmas {12 Days of Christmas}



I wanted to include this book early in the 12 Days of Christmas, because I like for my children to have access to the play nativity set. When Zaven was a baby, I purchased this book for him. I like this board book, because the text is simple for children to understand and the pictures are sparkly. You can't go wrong with mess-free sparkles!

If you want to purchase the book, you can at this affiliate link.

 When Kinsley was a baby, my mother-in-law gave her the Little People Nativity Set. It has been an absolute favorite. Hard to believe we have had it for 7 years now!

As I read the book, I used the figures to act out the story. When we finished, I let Brickston play with the people. I took the older two kids over to a different area of the room.
I surprised Kinsley and Zaven with a new wooden nativity set. I really like Melissa and Doug products, so I was excited when I spotted this. I purchased it here (affiliate link).

Some of the people fall over easily if the table is bumped. This really frustrated Zaven, as he was trying to set up the scene "perfect like the book."

We had to escort Brickston away....

so this could happen...just like the book, right?

We read this story a few days ago, but I have noticed the children return to the nativity sets each day.  As Christmas nears, I will ask Kinsley and Zaven to retell the story of Jesus' birth using the props.

How do you make Jesus' birth an integral part in your home during the Christmas season?

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