Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Day 12: The Night Before Christmas {12 Days of Christmas}

This is the final activity in the 12 Days of Christmas Book and Activities for Babies and Big Kids.  All three of my kids really enjoyed mixing the ingredients to make the reindeer food.  Kinsley and Zaven really liked being able to "write" their own recipe on the printable recipe sheet.  I hope your family enjoys this final activity, too!
I couldn't resist using the Golden Book version of The Night Before Christmas as the final book in the 12 Days Series.  It was my book as a child.  You can buy a remake at Amazon, here.
What better way to prepare for that jolly old elf and his eight tiny reindeer, than making a batch of reindeer food for Christmas Eve?
You can find several recipes for Reindeer Food, but many of them contain glitter.  I have a thing against glitter.  I know...I used to be a preschool teacher.  But the stuff never goes away!  In addition, we will be sprinkling the food out on our grass and we have outside cats that might eat it.  So, we made a pet-safe version of reindeer food.
Instead of using glitter, we made our own colored sugar.  It was so easy to do!  Put a 1/2 cup of sugar in a plastic ziplock bag, add a few drops of food coloring, and mix.  The kids liked smashing it with their hands.  Mess free!
We made four colors of sugar.  You can customize the colors you are going to use.  The printable recipe lets you write in the colors you are using.  You can get the printable here and here.
We gathered all the ingredients we thought reindeer would like:
Cheerios, popcorn, oats, and sugar.

The kids filled in the recipe by writing how many spoonfuls of each ingredient they were going to use.  This is a great exercise in number recognition.  After they completed their recipe sheets, they began assembling their reindeer food.
(I am fully aware that Zaven's pajamas are ridiculous)

Brickston enjoyed mixing the sugar in the bag, but was more interested in dragging things out of my pantry.  You can see the mess he was creating in the back of this picture of Kinsley.
On Christmas Eve, after we read The Night Before Christmas we will go outside and sprinkle the food on our green grass (I'm just a little sad about the no-snow situation). Hopefully, the reindeer love it (Daisy and Frizzle, too).

I am so glad that you stuck with us through the 12 Days of Christmas Book Activities.  Check out the other 11 activities here.  I hope you and your family enjoyed them!  Have a very Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family have a blessed time celebrating! 

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