Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Easy DIY Pete the Cat Costume for Book Character Day

Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons...done!

This easy DIY project only took me one evening and two handfuls of Veggie Straws (to occupy Brickston).  So grab some felt and join me!

The elementary school is holding a Book Character Parade as an alternative to Halloween.  I think this is a fabulous idea! The students choose a character and bring in the accompanying book.  They are not allowed to dress up as anything scary and they cannot wear a mask.  Zaven knew right away that he wanted to be Pete the Cat.  He adores these books.  They are so much fun to read.  I thought Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons would be easier to identify than Pete from the other books.

You can buy a  copy (affiliate) here.

Because he isn't able to wear a mask and "headbands are for girls", I decided to make a hat.

Pete's Hat

What you will need: 
  • Inexpensive navy blue hat. (I found one at Walmart for $0.97!)
  • 4 blue felt triangles to make the ears
  • 2 heavy paper or cardstock triangles.  This will go inside the ears to help them stand up.
  • 3 thin black felt strips.  These will make your whiskers.
  • 1 yellow felt circle
  • 1 black felt circle
  • 1 small white felt circle
  • 1 small white felt triangle for the nose (Not pictured!)
  • Needle and thread or hot glue gun
 I chose to sew the pieces instead of using hot glue.  I did this mainly because my glue gun was downstairs, and I was too lazy to get it.  I do think that stitching the pieces will make the hat last longer.

1. After I cut out the shapes, I cut the circles and strips in half.
2.  I started by making the ears.  I sandwiched a piece of cardstock between two blue felt triangles.  I stitched all the way around.  Then, I positioned the ears on the top of the hat.  I pinched the hat fabric from inside the hat to hold onto the ears.  I made my stitches on the inside of the hat.

3.  I stitched on the white nose.
4. I made the eyes by layering the felt pieces.  Yellow on the bottom, followed by black, and lastly white.  I stitched these together and then stitched them onto the hat.

4. I layered three black strips of felt to make the whiskers on one side.  I stitched these in place.  I repeated on the other side of the nose.

Pete's Clothes:

I bought a yellow polo in the clearance section of Crazy 8's.  I sewed four buttons onto the front.I found the buttons in a 6 pack at Hobby Lobby.
I bought a long sleeve navy t-shirt and navy sweatpants at Walmart for Zaven to wear under the polo.  He will wear his Converse tennis shoes.
Please check back to see Zaven all decked out next week as Pete the Cat!  I will also be posting a DIY tutorial on Kinsley's book character costume.  <Hint> Her character drives a yellow bus!
Do you make your own costumes?  What has been your favorite?

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